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Where's the Jews?

9 October - From Gaza to Gadigal

A New Documentary (in production)

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About the Film

On 7 October 2023, Hamas terrorists entered Israel and inflicted the greatest mass murder of Jews since the darkest days of the Holocaust. Over 1,200 lives, including helpless infants were intentionally snuffed out. Women were subjected to rape and unspeakable horrors, entire families were burned alive, and around 250 Israelis and a handful of civilians from other nations were kidnapped by Hamas. Over 130 men, women, children and babies remain in captivity to this day.


Within hours of this atrocity, a rally was organised by Palestinian activists in Sydney, Australia and supported by Australian Greens MPs. 


Israel had not yet fired a shot in response. 


The rally which took place on 9 October was not simply a protest against Israel. It was a celebration of mass murder and rape.


It was reminiscent of rallies in Ramallah and Gaza. Except this was not Gaza. This was the Sydney Opera House.

"Where's the Jews" is a documentary in production, covering the event as well as the fallout.


It includes never before seen high quality (4K) footage from the Opera House, speeches and images which will shock viewers.

We are currently crowdsourcing donations to assist with production costs and distribution. 

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Support the Film

Where's the Jews is Crowdfunded and production and final release is dependent on raising enough to cover costs. 

We kindly ask for your donation to assist with editing, post-production, distribution and promoting this important film.

Please feel free to contact us for major donations, sponsorship or producer credit.

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Please help us bring this important film to the public. 

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